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About the Artist

Over the past 50 years Kent Bailey has developed a woodcarving style uniquely his own. His experience in woodworking, silversmithing, commercial illustration, metal sculpture, professional concert performance, and as an avid classical guitarist have influenced the art Kent creates today.  Kent served as Director of Development and Staff Artist for the National Carvers Museum, and is a former gallery owner and custom home builder.

Kent's work is displayed by galleries, businesses and individuals throughout the country and abroad.  For the past 40 yrs, he has carved custom necks, resonators and peg heads for Ome Banjo Co. in Boulder, CO.  Kent's unique musical instrument designs adorn numerous luthiers' instruments throughout the world.  Commissioned pieces have been created for clients such as Edmond L. Merril (Merril-Lynch Co.) , Olympic skier Hank Kashiwa, rocker Ted Nugent, Dallas QB Troy Aikman, Italian actress Nikki Gaida, Berkely Breathed of Opus cartoon fame, Stan Kronkehe (Blue Room at the Pepsi Center), Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the exclusive Crescent Club in Dallas... just to name a few.


Custom projects are designed and illustrated by the artist and created in wood, metal, and stained glass combinations. All stained glass is designed by Kent and his wife Tammy, the glass artist. Her choices in glass color, texture, design, and her attention to fine craftsmanship add to the uniqueness and quality of each project.


Wooden projects are created in shallow relief, deep relief and in the round. Each piece is custom designed for the individual client to ensure a unique, one-of-a-kind project.  All works are created by the artist and his wife throughout all stages of production to ensure absolute quality.


Kent & Tammy enjoy a rural mountain lifestyle and reside in Florissant, CO.

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